Danielle Laurent is a British based Jewellery Artist that is both inspired by the past and committed to the future.    As an American with European ancestry, Danielle not only uses the history around her as inspiration for her modern collections but also as a way to connect to the people that came before her.  This is achieved through reimagining items that were used in daily life, worn for celebrations or adorned the home into modern wearables.  Through Danielle’s collections, a tangible yet sentimental connection to the past is created.


Texture and touch appeal is an important part of Danielle’s work and influences the material choices she makes.  Flocking plays a large part because it is lusciously soft to touch and mimics the velvet used in historical clothing and accessories.  When used in rich jewel tones, it gives a sense of opulence and luxury.  Enamel is equally important in Danielle’s work as both a historical material and for the way that it adds depth and life to metal.  The modern application of these materials leans toward a contemporary feeling whilst still echoing a sense of history. 


Although Danielle’s inspiration is from the past, she is equally committed to the future by making eco-friendly and ethical choices wherever possible.  This extends across all areas of her practice from ethical metals to eco-friendly business cards.  She has used Fairmined silver, EcoSilver and EcoGold in her work.   Fairmined is an insurance label that certifies responsibly managed community mines and ensures a fair price is paid to the miners, social development for the community and environmental protection.  Additionally, EcoSilver and EcoGold are 100% recycled ensuring that no additional mining or environmental impact has occurred.

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